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Getting to know… Miss Katie

1. When did you first start dancing?

Age 2! As soon as they would take me…they  had a class for 2 year olds starting in January…and I turned 2 in January!


2. What is your favorite style of dance?

Tap and Lyrical


3. What is one of your favorite dance memories?

My senior student choreography…a duo I choreographed for my sister and I “you’ll be in my heart” (She was 10, I was 18…it was the first time we danced together) :)


4. What are you looking forward to this dance year?

Our 15th season!!!! And the first time my daughter will be in the recital!!


5. Besides dancing and teaching, what is one thing you enjoy doing out side of the studio?

Planning the new studio!!! (And spending time with my family)


Check out Miss Katie’s (and the rest of our DIDC staff) bios on our Faculty & Staff page.


*Note from Miss Katie:  I’d like to give a special THANK YOU shout-out to our DIDC Studio Spirit Coordinator, Miss JJ!  (She did all the interviews and posted them in the studio with our childhood dance pictures!)  What a fun idea!! :-)

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