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Getting to know… Miss JJ

1. When did you first start dancing?

I was 3 years old


2. What is your favorite style of dance?

Ballet and Modern


3. What is one of your favorite dance memories?

My senior year in college, my school was holding mock broadway auditions, just to show us what it would be like if we were to ever do such an audition. The choreographer for the audition had choreographed, In the Heights, and it wasn’t the easiest choreography to pick up. As we were auditioning he pointed me out at the end and said to me “even though you didn’t have all the steps, you still went for it, and I would still have picked you to be in the show, because I can see your passion and love for dance.” It was a moment for me that I would never forget, it was an incredible feeling.


4. What are you looking forward to this dance year?

Choreographing new dances and moving into the new studio!!


5. Besides dancing and teaching, what is one thing you enjoy doing out side of the studio?

I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, and going on adventures in the New England area with my boyfriend, Michael.


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