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Payments and Schedules

Why is my tuition equal to last months tuition when there were less classes this month?

Our tuition is broken up into 10 equal payments that is paid monthly, rather than paying for each month’s classes.

How/when do I find out if class is canceled?

Our News section, Facebook page, & voicemail (603 436-2300)  will be updated on the status of classes right when we decide whether or not to hold classes.

Can someone else pay for my dancer's tuition?

Absolutely! Please contact the studio office and we will be happy to assist you.

Classes for Ages 3-5

What style of dance will dancers learn in Pre-Dance?

 Pre-Dance classes are spent half of the time in Tap and the other half in Ballet!

Does Pre-Dance perform a Ballet and a Tap routine in the recital?

Pre-Dancers will perform one style of dance in the recital so that they are fully prepared to preform two numbers when they reach the 5-7 age group.

Classes for Ages 5-10

How many years should a dancer spend in an age group?

We encourage all dancers to spend 2-3 years in a level before moving up to the next.

What will my dancer get out of her second or third year in an age group?

Throughout the first year in an age group, students are being introduced and learning how to do the moves. During the following year(s) in the age group, dancers are working on perfecting these steps and mastering the technique that goes behind each step.

How many routines will Ballet & Tap classes perform in the recital?

Ballet & Tap classes will perform two numbers in the recital – a Tap and Ballet routine.

My dancer is on the line between a 5-7 and 7-9 class - how do I know which one will be the better fit?

If your student is on the line between two age groups and aren’t sure which class your dancer would benefit most from, please contact the studio office and the director will place your dancer in the best learning environment for your dancer.

Classes for Ages 10+

I'm 10 and have been doing Ballet for three years - why am I only in Level I?

Our levels for 10+ classes are based on years of experience in a 10+ class, rather than years of experience total. For more information, please click here.

What is the difference between Modern and Contemporary?

That’s a great question!

Modern dance is a free-form style of dance, relying on a heavy use of the core and torso. The free-interpreted style of movement does not always follow technique used in ballet (pointed feet, turn-out, etc.). Key elements of Modern include floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation.

In contrast, Contemporary contains a consistent use of lightness, grace, and fluidity.

To view all styles we offer, please click here.

What is the difference between Musical Theatre Chorus and Character?

Musical Theatre Chorus and Musical Theatre Character are classes offered for students who meet the requirements for a Musical Theatre II/III class. While both classes have a base of performing and strong jazz technique, MT Chorus has a heavier emphasis of dance technique, and MT Character has a heavier use of acting and becoming a character.

For more information or to view all styles we offer, please click here.


Do I have to perform in the recital?

Performing in our end of the year recital is not mandatory, although is highly recommended, as we use class time to work on the routine when recital is near.

Where is the recital?

Our recital is at the Stratham Cooperative Middle School, 100 Academic Way, Stratham NH.

Where can I find information about the recital?

All recital information can be found on our recital page. As the year progresses and we get closer to the recital, more information and forms will be available.

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