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Getting to know… Miss Jamie

1. When did you first start dancing?

2. What is your favorite style of dance?
Jazz and Contemporary, but also Musical Theater

3. What is one of your favorite dance memories?
The first routine I ever competed was a small group tap. We were a recreational class that worked so hard that the studio owner (who was our teacher) let us compete it at one of the competitions. At the competition the said we got a high silver, our teacher was outraged because she thought we did very well, even though we (the dancers) were just happy to have the chance to compete. However at out next class all the team kids came into our class room and our teacher told us in front of everyone that the competition had messed up and we received a platinum! It was a great moment feeling like our hard work had paid off.

4. What are you looking forward to this dance year?
I look forward to watching each and every dancer grow! Every year gets better and better!

5. Besides dancing and teaching, what is one thing you enjoy doing out side of the studio?
Spending time with friends, my family, my husband, Peanut (my dog), and Pepper (my blue and gold macaw).

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