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If you missed it, please check out the first two parts of our “Getting Ready to Dance” series – “BEFORE the First Class” and “Making the First Day Special”.

You got the shoes.  You got them to class.  All that’s left is the magic that happens once they get into class…

Here’s what you can expect from Dance Innovations Dance Center’s faculty and staff:


OUR Part…

We want every child’s introduction to dance to be a positive one, and this means respecting each student’s independent styles. Some children learn by watching.  Others will hop right in to try something new!  Whatever your child’s learning style, we will work to make him or her comfortable. We make sure to give dancers time to adjust and learn to love dance.  Once they have passion and appretiation, it is easy to teach the hard stuff (like technique)! 

From the first moment a dancer steps into the studio, we teach them proper dance class etiquette and respect for others. Listening and following directions is the first step towards learning.

What WE promise to do…

  • To always put the dancer BEFORE the dance: Kids need to feel safe – that they know what is expected of them and what to expect.  Familiar class format and exercises and careful explanations will eventually make joining the fun easy. If your child wants to “just watch”, try not to worry.  We won’t push them — he or she is still learning, just taking their time, and deciding how they feel about it.  When it’s their idea to dance, you can trust it will come from the heart – and they’re ready to dance!
  • To use age-appropriate music & movement: All music and dances moves are age-appropriate (content and context) for all of our classes.  We try to include children’s favorites like Disney songs and other popular children’s artist to make each class fun and engaging!
  • To uphold the standards of the Youth Protection Advocates in Dance (Y.P.A.D.): As a Y.P.A.D. Certified Dance Studio, not only are DIDC classes, music, choreography, and costume dance attire in line with the guidelines set forth by Y.P.A.D., but faculty and staff are also trained in emotional health, physical safety, psychology of injury, and healthy relationships to food for dancers. We are committed to age-appropriate artistic choices and are positive role models in body image, behavior, and social media. Additionally, all DIDC faculty and staff members are background checked, CPR certified, and are trained and mandated reporters.

Click here to get to read more about our DIDC faculty and staff.

We look forward to meeting and working with you and your dancer very soon!

If you have any questions, please contact the studio office – (603) 436-2300

Thank you,

Miss Katie & DIDC Staff

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