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Getting Ready to Dance!

We’re in it together!

The staff and faculty of Dance Innovations Dance Center want to ensure that your dancer’s dance class experience is a magical one!  So we created this “Parent’s Primer” series for you, the parents!  Even, before the first class, there are things we can do to prepare. TOGETHER — WE can make sure your dancer’s first class is the BEST CLASS EVER!

BEFORE the first day of dance class… what you, as a parent, can do to help:

  • To best serve your child, please inform us of any medical, emotional or behavioral conditions/difficulties.  We take pride in tailoring our classes to child (and not the other way around).
  • Please make sure your child has the right equipment for class.  Generally, this includes: hair ties, shoes, proper attire, etc.  If it is a tap class, the child will need tap shoes. Ditto for ballet.  Each class has it’s own specific requirement, please refer to the DIDC Dress Code.
    On a side note…  Dance shoes must fit well.   Feel free to ask your child’s teacher to check the fit of your child’s shoes.  Also, consider what your child will be wearing inside their shoes.   “Ballet slippers” that are really bedroom slippers can slide right off a dancer’s foot and cause them to trip and fall. Too-big tap shoes can fly off of feet.  Even with a perfect fit, the way dance shoes are tied or fastened can make a difference.  We are happy to help with recommendations or preferences.
  • PUT YOUR DANCER’S NAME ON EVERYTHING!  …especially inside shoes and layered-attire which may be removed during dance class.  Shoes can easily get swapped or placed in the wrong bag when a whole class is wearing “size 11 pink, ballet slippers”!
  • Put all of your child’s dance “equipment” into a special “dance bag” so you can grab-and-go on dance class days without forgetting anything!

Ultimately, we want dance to be a happy, stress-free experience for the whole family!  We want you to make the best choices for your child’s training.  Information regarding proper dress, the care and fit of dance shoes, the unique differences between types of dance, is how to get the most out of classes and class options.

***STAY TUNED for the next part of our “Getting Ready to Dance” series – “Making the First Day Special”***

We look forward to meeting and working with you and your dancer very soon!

If you have any questions, please contact the studio office – (603) 436-2300

Thank you,

Miss Katie & DIDC Staff

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