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The University of New Hampshire Dance Team would love to invite our students, ages 10-18, to their annual dance clinic on Friday November 1st 4:30-6:30 pm. They will be offering a collegiate dance team practice, along with learning new skills and having fun! They will go through a typical practice, teach dance team specific skills and learn one of our half time routines consisting of jazz and hip hop! They will break into groups to work on strengthening skills and perfecting every dancer’s on-stage performance qualities. If you are interested in signing up please email and title the subject as “UNH Dance Team Clinic”, by October 28th. If you are a parent, please include each dancer’s name, age and emergency contact name & phone number in the email. A $25 registration fee will be required at the door, either cash or a check made out to “UNH Dance Team” is acceptable.
Please email them with any questions you have, and they will respond as soon as possible!
Thank you,
UNH Dance Team
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