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Hello DIDC Students & Families, 

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy! We know how important it is for everyone to keep their lives as normal as possible in this ever-changing environment and for everyone to keep as active as possible to keep their immune system at peak performance.  

We saw that colleges and schools were closed but still continuing their education online and we realized our Virtual Studio was a way for us to benefit our families as well. If you haven’t logged onto our private facebook group: DIDC – Students & Family  or our DIDC Virtual Studio google sites page (an easily searchable archive of everything we’ve done) and taken advantage of our online classes yet, check it out! (Instructions on how to access the online content is below.)

I have received so much positive feedback about our live-streaming classes so far. They have been so fun!  Kids are really enjoying moving again as well as the opportunity to see their teacher and dance friends again. We feel blessed to be able to offer this to keep our dancers moving, our business running and for you and your dancer to have a second home to come back to when this is finally over.  Ultimately, we want to be able to get back into the studio with our DIDC family as soon as possible. We need everyone’s support to make that happen!

We absolutely understand that everyone is struggling to navigate these unprecedented times. We are all in this together. Our goal at DIDC is to continue to provide support for our families through our online dance classes, maintain our ability to provide paychecks to our instructors and staff, and hopefully retain our beautiful studio space. We have been brainstorming daily for ways to get through this difficult period.

Feeling overwhelmed? We get it and we’re in this with you. Effective for March 25th invoicing, Dance Innovations will be applying a 20% discount to all tuition fees.

Some of you are wondering about our June recital. Right now, we have not made any firm decisions regarding the recital. We do plan to have the recital, even if we have to postpone it to late summer or early fall.  We will be making more decisions later in April once we have more of an idea of the length of this disruption. As it stands right now, Dance Innovations will be CLOSED through April 3rd in accordance with state recommendations. We will continue to monitor the situation and will keep you posted.

We appreciate you! Your support, patience, and understanding through all of this is invaluable. This is new territory for everyone, and we are all facing difficult decisions.  Thank you for your continued support.

With love, 

Miss Katie & DIDC



How DIDC has Gone Virtual:

The DIDC faculty and staff have been hard at work providing daily content such as choreography videos, live technique videos, live Q & A’s, worksheets, and more! Curriculum has been posted across a few different mediums to ensure all of our dancers can be a part of our virtual community.


The two places to access ALL of our daily content is our private Facebook group and Virtual Studio on Google Sites.  


Facebook Group:

Everything has been posted in our private Facebook group. The Facebook group not only provides you with all of our content, but a way to interact, comment, and go live with the DIDC community. 

  • Even if you don’t have a Facebook, we recommend making a family account to just be used to join our group so that you can interact with us daily.

Virtual Studio Site:

After the content is posted on our Facebook group, we upload it to our Virtual Studio on Google Sites. This site is an archive of everything we have posted, and is organized by category so it is easy to find!  

  • We also post Zoom links to upcoming classes so you can join in on the fun!

Zoom Classes: 

Zoom is a way to video chat with multiple people and be able to see and talk to them. It’s a great way to see and interact with your teachers and dancers! Zoom links are posted on our Facebook group and Google Sites ahead of time so that you can join when the class begins.


Instagram is an additional platform where we post reminders on our story of upcoming live events, and our account goes live whenever we do a Facebook live video. 

  • Since Instagram does not provide the same posting abilities as Facebook, it does not contain all of our curriculum. If you are not on Facebook, we recommend visiting our Virtual Studio on Google Sites. so you can access the rest of our posts that are not on Instagram.

Customer Portal:

Looking to quickly find your recital choreography? Videos can be found for each class your dancer is enrolled in in the Customer Portal. (Videos for ages 10 & under were posted last week – 10+ videos are being uploaded throughout the week.

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