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The Fourth of July means more than just fireworks, family, and fun. For myself, and the other faculty and staff of Dance Innovations, it’s also a reminder that we are about to start our Summer Dance Season!

So why aren’t we taking a long, summer break like the schools? Why do we offer summer classes? Better yet, why do we REQUIRE summer classes for our Dance Team members?

Because dance is an evergreen activity. It is a free-form piece of expression that we ALL have done since we were babies, and we’ll continue to do until the day we die. Music moves the spirit and whether or not we consider ourselves “dancers”, we all dance. (Some just more than others.)

So we dance – year-round.

And you know the old adage “use it or lose it”? That definitely applies to dancers. Imagine being able to bend and move in ways most people only dream of… but then stopping for three months. Trying to start again in the fall, would be like starting all over again. It’s like playing with play-dough, letting it sit out for a while, then picking it up and trying to bend and move it like before. If it’s not dried up, at the very least, you’d need to move it around and warm it back up in your hands before you can do anything with it.

We dance – so we don’t “dry up”.

In our Summer Dance Program, we don’t offer the typical once-weekly classes like we do during the September-June session. We realize everyone needs a little break from routine. Summer classes are a great chance to try a new style, take a class with a guest instructor, or improve your technique in a private lesson. It allows us to step out of our comfort-zone, and refresh and re-energize ourselves for the year to ahead.

Summer dance – because we must.


For more information about Dance Innovations Dance Center’s 2017 Summer Programs, check out our Summer Schedule.

For more reasons to dance this summer, check out this article from the Colorado Dance Society.

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