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Hello DIDC Students & Families,

I am writing to you today to provide an update on our plans and preparations for dealing with the current COVID-19 situation. As I’m sure you have noticed over the past couple weeks, we have already increased our health and sanitizing procedures around the studio.

  • Ballet barres and other high-touch areas in the studios including door handles, props, mats, stereo knobs, etc. are being sanitized with Lysol spray and/or Clorox Wipes before/after each class.
  • High touch areas in the lobby and other common areas including front desk surfaces, lobby door handles, bathroom fixtures, etc. are being sanitized on an hourly schedule and the community toys have been removed at this time.
  • Additional hand sanitizer has been placed throughout the studio to make it even more readily available than usual and all staff and students are being asked to use it when entering and exiting the classroom as well as after coughing/sneezing/blowing nose/otherwise touching their face.
  • Studio staff and families are being asked to be extra diligent in the following good health practices:

o Wash your hands thoroughly with soap & water after using the bathroom, before eating, after coughing/sneezing or blowing your nose, after being in contact with large numbers of people, and whenever they are soiled. If soap and water are not available, use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

o Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth as much as possible.

o Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve (not hands) when coughing or sneezing.

o Take good care of yourself – getting enough sleep, staying hydrated & eating healthfully keeps your immune system strong! Especially encourage your teen dancers with this as well!

o Stay home/keep your children home if they have a fever of 100* or higher or other symptoms of illness, and for a full 24 hours after. (please note that sneezing and runny nose are not symptoms of coronavirus or other serious illness – they are symptoms of the common cold and/or allergies and do not require staying home.)

o Stay home/keep your children home if they have been in contact with anyone suspected of having COVID-19 in the past 14 days or have traveled to the following high risk areas in the past 14 days: China, Iran, Italy, South Korea

  • We are making plans and preparing for the ability to send videos and other class materials to those who want or need to stay home for an extended period of time including videoing recital dances, preparing on-line content, and ensuring make-up options.

It is important to remember that handling the spread of a serious contagion like the coronavirus is primarily a task for public health agencies. Any directives from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), or local governmental organizations will be followed. We will continue to be aware of the situation and will send out any notifications should we have new information to share. At this time, DIDC remains open for normal operations, with the above precautions in place, and plans to remain open unless or until directed otherwise. Each family is encouraged to make the decision about whether or not to come to the studio that makes the most sense for you and your family. Of course we are monitoring the situation closely along with all of you and may indeed need to close at some point. As noted above, we are preparing for that possibility and will continue to keep you posted.

Sending you all health and love at this stressful time,

Miss Katie & DIDC

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