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“Dance gave her confidence, pride and a sense of purpose throughout her 10 years with you.  It was, in one dad’s opinion, one of the most important pieces of her overall development.”

“Abby loves dancing and looks at it like a second family.”

“If you want to become a better dancer and have fun while doing so, than becoming a member of the DIDC family is truly the way to go! My oldest daughter Meghan has been dancing since she was 3 years old. When we moved to NH from MA in 2011, she was 10 years old and her greatest concern was where she was going to continue developing skills and nurturing her love of dance. Meghan researched dance companies herself and found DIDC through their website. We telephoned the studio, spoke with Miss Katie  and were immediately impressed with her enthusiasm. We thought DIDC would be a great fit for Meghan. As it turns out, DIDC is more than a great fit, it’s the perfect fit! Meghan constantly refers to DIDC as her home away from home! She absolutely loves it here! In 2012, my youngest daughter, Grace, also joined the DIDC family and has also been loving it ever since. The joy that my daughters exhibit can only be attributed to the awesome dedicated staff at DIDC! The teachers at DIDC have the unique and amazing ability to teach and improve dance skills, positively build confidence, while at the same time allow their students to have fun! We love Dance Innovations Dance Center!”

“We are thrilled for her and have really enjoyed watching her dedication and passion for dance grow. She is so happy with DIDC and we want to thank you and all the talented staff for making dance such a positive experience for her. She always gets in the car with a huge smile on her face at the end of the night. Awesome!!”

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