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Dance Innovations Dance Center has posted the dress code that we require our students to wear during classes and one of the questions we often receive is if it is really necessary for the dancers to wear tights. Now, we want to share why dancers should wear tights.

Early in the nineteenth century, tights were created. It was just another typical day for the people of France but not for Monsieur Maillot, the costume designer at the Paris Opera Ballet, when the current director of the Opera, Charles-Louis Didelot, required all of his dancers to wear skin-tone tights to give a more realistic and beautiful appearance and on that day, Monsieur Maillot invented tights for dancing. Even before Monsieur Maillot invented the tights for dancing, tights have always been a part of sports in history like horseback riding for it offers better mobility.

Tights also give compression on the dancer’s legs, which helps in improving blood circulation on the legs and relieving muscle fatigue. DIDC ensures to offer you tights made of high-quality fabric with a smooth finish that will prevent chaffing and irritation on our dancers and gives good coverage for modesty and professionalism. 

In conclusion, here are the 4 points on why dancers wear tights:

  1. Tights are worn in class to give dancers a professional appearance in a classroom setting.
  2. High-quality tights offer good coverage and unhindered mobility for our dancers.
  3. Tight-fitting clothes like dancer’s tights allow better blood circulation on the legs, which then helps relieve muscle fatigue after routines.
  4. Wearing tights allow teachers to see and check the dancer’s line and correct the muscles engaged during routines. This not only helps improve the dancer’s skills but also avoids injuries like chaffing and floor burns.


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